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Ultra Density Optical™ (UDO) Technologies

UDO™ is the culmination of six generations of technological advancements in optical technology designed specifically for professional data archiving. It provides data authenticity for regulatory compliance or other applications where archived data must remain unchanged and authentic. UDO™ uses a phase change recording process that permanently alters the physical state of true Write Once, Read Many (WORM) recording layer material to maintain data integrity. UDO™ has been designed and proven to deliver over a 50-year-plus media life. First generation UDO™ media was 30GB capacity. Blue laser technology gives

60GB Alliance UDO2™ media more than 6 times the capacity of previous generation Magneto Optical (MO) and DVD technologies. And UDO™ has fast random access capability, facilitating quick retrieval of data for discovery requests.



  • Blue Laser Technology
    • 0.85NA lens (60GB UDO)
    • 300 Degree laser forms Crystals
  • Phase Change Recording Surface
    • Write Once - Amorphous to Crystalline
    • Rewritable - Crystalline to Amorphous
  • Dynamic Write and Read Operation
    • 100% verify after write
  • Phase Change Advantages
    • Non-contact, non-magnetic
    • Degrades very slowly (decades)
    • Extremely stable data life
  • Very tolerant of environmental conditions



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