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ASTI Advances Safeguarding of Critical Enterprise Assets with New Encryption Module

Businesses and organizations can now protect critical archived data against data breach, theft, and public exposure incidents while maintaining compliance with regulatory and corporate mandates. ASTI’s Encryption and Key Management module is specifically developed to seamlessly secure and control access to data on-premises, in the cloud, and on removable media, while maintaining control of encryption policies, access rights, and authentication.

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Data Archiving Leader Alliance Storage Technologies Releases Enterprise Class Cloud-Integrated Storage Solution

Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. (ASTI), continuing its focus on enterprise-class data archiving solutions, has brought to market a Cloud-Integrated Storage option as part of its line of NAS based Archive Solutions. This solution provides customers with seamless access to a new cloud-based archive storage tier for archive data storage and offsite backup and recovery, while still meeting corporate and industry-based compliance and regulatory mandates at a reduced total cost of ownership.

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Alliance Storage Technologies Inc. Partners with Essintial Enterprise Solutions to Provide Data Archiving Customers with Unsurpassed Maintenance and Support Services

Alliance Storage Technologies Inc. (ASTI), the leader in professional data archiving solutions, partners with a leading service and support organization, Essintial Enterprise Solutions, to strengthen service offerings in the US and Canada. As an Authorized Service Provider, the mutually beneficial partnership between the companies merges the best-in-class expertise of both organizations extending service capabilities and creating a highly advantageous environment for customers.

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