Press 8/20/14

ASTI Advances Safeguarding of Critical Enterprise Assets with New Encryption Module

Businesses and organizations can now protect critical archived data against data breach, theft, and public exposure incidents while maintaining compliance with regulatory and corporate mandates. ASTI’s Encryption and Key Management module is specifically developed to seamlessly secure and control access to data on-premises, in the cloud, and on removable media, while maintaining control of encryption policies, access rights, and authentication.

Colorado Springs, CO, 20 August 2014 - Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. (ASTI), the leader in professional data archiving solutions, today announced their FIPS 140-2 compliant Encryption and Key Management feature, designed to safeguard valuable corporate data assets. With the security advantage of encryption, business executives across all industries can be confident and assured that their critical data assets are secure, protected, and shielded from unauthorized access.

“Companies and governments across the world are increasingly adopting data encryption to ensure the security of valuable data assets,” explained Chris Carr, ASTI CEO. “ASTI’s Encryption solution ensures that all archived data is protected from unauthorized access and meets government regulatory mandates. This provides protection from data breaches and prevents legal non-compliance, penalties and issues associated with negative publicity. Its powerful enterprise class features seamlessly integrate with ASTI’s archiving solution and complements offsite and Cloud-Integrated Storage providing a very cost effective solution that instills confidence in data security.”

ASTI asserts that their data archiving solutions have always offered the highest level of data protection by securing data unaltered for periods greater than 50 years. However, the enhanced security level provided by encryption enables customers to comply with industry regulations making it a must have feature. Our customers within the healthcare and financial industries and court systems are requesting the new feature.

“Encryption assures compliance with stringent industry regulations such as the HIPAA HITECH act and Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards, and can be used to protect court records as well,” indicated Tim Summers, VP at ASTI. “ASTI’s AES-256 bit encryption meets compliance standards for archived data retained past 2031 and offers defense against corporate espionage and malicious attacks, while preventing unauthorized access due to theft or loss of physical media.”
The company’s encryption feature adds an additional level of security to the powerful Archive Management Software (AMS), an integral component of its data archiving solutions. Implementation of the feature takes only minutes with archiving policies that enable protection of data stored locally, remotely or in the cloud. Tightly integrated user authentication and access controls (with Windows Active Directory and Unix/Linux LDAP), eliminate additional system administration burden and ensure that only authorized personnel acquire access to decrypted data.

With key management being a critical component of any encryption solution, ASTI’s implementation ensures security and availability of keys by providing compliant protection techniques. This includes encrypting all file level encryption keys and securely vaulting them before use in on-premises or off-site cloud key vaults, ensuring keys are always available for disaster recovery and maintaining user control.