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Replication Feature for Business Continuity

Businesses and organizations have become reliant upon data in order to maintain operations. Continual availability of that data is crucial to ensuring uninterrupted business operations through the worst of disasters. Exclusive to the NAS Archive Appliance systems, the Archive Management Software’s Replication option is the key to maintaining high availability of data and business continuity.

The Replication option provides a solid disaster recovery strategy allowing replication of data
to one or more additional libraries in separate geographical locations. Replication provides organizations with excellent RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective) to support high-availability business continuity requirements. Libraries will be identical providing immediate disaster recovery fail-over to the backup site should the need arise.

Through Replication, critical business operations are maintained even in the event of a major catastrophic event.

Replication is an optional add-on to the Archive Management Software (AWS)

Features include:

  • Remote Data Replication – Replicated libraries may reside anywhere geographically with appropriate network connectivity
  • Total Redundancy Between Libraries – complete access to data is ensured with the replication of ownerships, permissions, and Access Control Lists (ACLs). Extended attributes are replicated along with data.
  • Automated Replication of Data – Set the schedule to the desired time of day in order to minimize network impact and the data will be automatically replicated to an Archive Appliance at another location.
  • Failover - Failback Switching – Easily switch Active-Passive replication between libraries as events dictate
  • Event Notification – Proactively manage system status and changes via email or centralized monitoring
  • Intelligent Change Tracking – Active tracking of updates in real time improves replication speed and availability
  • Centralized Data Management – Data from Archive Appliances located in regional and branch offices can be accumulated to a centralized Archive Appliance via the replication feature

Available for all Archive Appliance models running the latest AMS software. Field installed models may be retrofitted and upgraded with some exceptions.

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Cloud Feature

The Cloud feature is an optional add-on to the Archive Management Software (AMS). This feature enables the Storage Management System (SMS) to act as an interface with the Cloud. Designed specifically for data archiving, the Cloud feature incorporates features that can substantially reduce business risks and costs.

Tightly integrated with the standard AMS interface and policy engine, cloud storage may be utilized with any data archive. Data can be seamlessly written to cloud and/or optical archives, depending on archive data requirements. All data stored anywhere within the data archiving ecosystem, whether online, in the cloud, or on optical storage can be viewed and accessed seamlessly.

All of the AMS features, functions, and monitoring capabilities applicable to optical media are applied to the Cloud as well, providing a simple cloud on-boarding approach. Special menu functions are enabled for entering Cloud provider details and account keys.

Add Security to your Cloud Data

The Encryption option is highly recommended for data stored in the Cloud, as this ensures protection of data from unauthorized access and compliance with such mandates as the HIPAA HITECH act. With the Encryption option, data is encrypted prior to being migrated to the Cloud or optical media. All encryption keys are stored and protected for disaster recovery purposes and prevention of unauthorized access by cloud service providers or others attempting to gain access to data stored in the cloud. Click here to learn more about the Encryption feature.

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UDO Archive Appliance
Network Attached Storage (NAS) Libraries

The Archive Appliance product line features modular architecture and design in order to provide customers with an optimized data archiving solution. Each Network Attached Storage (NAS) archiving solution can be configured specifically for the needs of the organization according to capacity, scalability, performance, features, and budget.

All data is cached to RAID providing faster access to active archived data and is then committed to optical storage, and/or Cloud, for long-term preservation depending upon user requirements. ASTI Archive Appliances are up and running in only a few minutes and present themselves as standard NAS appliances over the TCP/IP network with support for Windows CIFS, Unix/Linux NFS, and FTP protocols.

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ASTI’s Archive Appliance line of NAS storage devices combine all of the resources necessary for managing and storing data effectively over the long-term. NAS storage devices consist of:

  • Storage Management System (SMS)
  • One or more fully automated optical archiving libraries
  • Archive Management Software (AMS) (preconfigured) with optional features. Click here to view the Archive Management Software page

Storage Management System (SMS) with RAID

Storage Management System

Selection of one of the two SMS options is dependent upon the features implemented, performance required, RAID size, and budget.

Standard SMS: Available for Entry and Midrange models. Suitable for small to medium business environments and general purpose archive storage applications. Can be configured with between 2 and 12 RAID drives with software controlled 2-12TB of RAID (RAW) cache. Features SCSI connectivity to the library and drives.

Click here to learn more about standard models (entry midrange datasheet) (link to DS014 in Resource Library)

Elite SMS: The high-performance Elite SMS provides up to 400% faster overall through-put than the standard SMS. Well-suited for conditions where increased throughput and high-availability are necessary, it is available with Entry, Midrange and Enterprise models. The Elite SMS can be configured with 8 and 12 RAID drive configurations. Features include:

  • Archive Controller w/Quad Core Processor
  • UP to 24TB RAID Cache (RAW)
  • SAS Drives with increased speeds
  • Direct connectivity to library drives
  • Hardware RAID Controller with BBU
  • RAID Configuration Protection
  • RAID 5 and RAID 6 level & hot spare options
  • Redundant Power Supplies

Click on a link to the right to download Elite datasheets

Optical UDO Library - Model Sizes and Capacities

Optical Library

UDO optical libraries are available in a variety of capacities suitable for supporting any-sized data archiving requirements from small businesses and courtrooms to large corporations and enterprises. Selection is determined by projected current and future library and media capacity requirements, and hardware component redundancies.

ASTI optical libraries are available in a variety of models. Entry-Midrange and Enterprise libraries offer designed-in investment protection with the ability to scale and expand with business requirements. In most cases, libraries can scale to accommodate data growth without changing footprint size.

At the heart of every field-proven library is regulatory compliant optical media. The true Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) media offers superior longevity making it a cornerstone for organizations subject to industry regulations. Optical media offers an affordable disaster recovery solution with each library having the capability of automatically generating multiple copies of media, one of which can be preserved offsite.

Archive Management Software (AMS)

The AMS is an important aspect of Archive Appliance Solutions.

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Customer Testimonials

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Sangamon County Ciruit Clerk's Office

“Our major issue was time lost chasing documents. With the implementation of the archive solution, retrieval times went from DAYS to SECONDS.”
Tony Libri, Sangamon County Circuit Clerk

Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care

“We had to determine what information was retrievable among the absolute chaos of the first week after Katrina…We were able to recover all of the patient images off the Plasmon libraries…We are now primarily using the Plasmon’s UDO Archive Appliance for its long-term recoverability.” – Kenneth Allen, Health Systems Specialist

AGFA Healthcare

“Ensuring that we could provide a PACS archive solution that helps customers meet HIPAA compliance at a reasonable cost was a critical requirement. This was guaranteed with the performance, longevity, and authenticity of the UDO Archive Appliance.” – Lenny Reznik, Director Enterprise Imaging and Information, Agfa Healthcare.