ASTI Data Archiving Solutions 

The Value of Data 
In today’s marketplace, data offers a competitive edge, increasing shareholder value and enabling quick response to new opportunities. That same data improves customer service, helps solve crimes, saves patient’s lives, facilitates resolution of legal issues, and more. For those reasons, most businesses and organizations regard data as a valuable digital asset. 

Why You Need to Archive
There are many reasons to implement a professional archiving solution regardless of your industry or business size. Whether your objective is to preserve data or images unaltered, comply with industry regulations, wrap some control around big data, or secure data from unauthorized access, you need an archiving solution with worry-free operation that solves your business problems…all of them. Archiving data provides the insurance and confidence you need to be sure that your data will still be there in its unaltered form when needed.

Dedicated Archiving Tier Enhances Storage Infrastructures
Over time, data becomes inactive, then rarely accessed even though stored on expensive Tier 1 spinning disks or tape. That static, or cold data, may be costing your business more than you realize with the soaring costs of electricity, environmental conditioning, frequent data migrations, backups, technology refresh, and more; hence, the importance of archiving data professionally. Implementing a dedicated archive tier (Tier 3) within the storage infrastructure is an effective strategy for improving operations and reducing costs.

The need for archiving is not dependent upon the size of business but rather the importance of the data to continued operations of the business. 

Do you have a strategy for preserving data critical to your business or organization?

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  • Whether small or large, organizations today face many unique challenges when it comes to storage of data.

    ASTI's flexible, modular solutions adapt to any industry, organization, business, or archive size.

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