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Archiving Media - Optical Archive Media Meets Professional Archive Solution Requirements

Professional Archive Solutions utilizing Optical Storage meet these requirements. Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. (Alliance) Archive Product Solutions , utilizing optical archive media , are specifically designed for these professional and legal data archive requirements. Ultra Density Optical media (UDO media) provides absolute data authenticity for regulatory compliance or any other application where archived data must remain intact and permanently unchanged.

Optical archive media provides the most secure technology for archiving data. The following table provides a comparison of optical archive media to other storage media.


 Optical UDO Media



True Write Once

True Immutable WORM

Firmware enforced WORM

Software enforced WORM


50+ year media life

  7 to 10 year life

3 to 5 year life

Disaster Recovery 

Removable low cost offsite DR support

Removable low cost offsite DR support

Not removable, requires separate backup solution 

Access to Data

High-speed, random access 

Sequential access 

High-speed random

Cost of Ownership

Low long-term cost

Low long-term cost

High long-term cost

Technology  Phase change optical/ Extremely reliable data life Magnetic / susceptible to magnetic fields, heat, humidity, breakage & tensioning issues Magnetic / low reliability; susceptible to magnetic fields, mechanical failures, power surges