NAS Technologies - Benefits

  • Worry-free Archiving with UDO Write Once Read Many media that preserves data unaltered for greater than 50 years.

  • Minimized Risks with regulatory compliant ISO standardized optical media that exceeds industry requirements - the data is there when it is needed, unaltered, and capable of being randomly accessed.

  • Reduced Operating Costs - once data is written to media it no longer requires a constant power source to maintain the data. Systems reduce overhead and operating costs by: minimizing the cost and frequency of data migrations through extended media life, removing static data from expensive primary and backup systems freeing up valuable resources, and lowering power, cooling and maintenance costs.

  • Decreased Administrative Costs - The easy-to-use robust Archive Management Software with GUI interface simplifies administration and offers easy-to-implement unattended monitoring - configure it once and let it run.

  • Conserves Technology Related Expenditures – substantially reduced need for system migrations and technology refreshes.

  • Low-Cost Disaster Recovery – automatically create multiple copies of media and store one copy offsite. Storage of off-lined media does not require special environmental conditions.

  • Scalability - As data storage requirements increase, libraries can be easily expanded within the same footprint offering investment protection through capacity expansions and "future proof" system upgrades.

  • Readily Available Support Services - one service contract covers multiple components.

  • Field Proven Robotics – incorporates state-of-the-art robotics for transporting media to and from drives. Dual media transport assemblies and auto calibration increase uptime and maximize productivity.

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