Cloud-Integrated Storage Technologies - Solutions

Cloud Integrated Storage (CiS) solutions provide the most popular solution for extending the datacenter to the cloud. Cloud Integrated Storage Solutions are often deployed as network-attached storage (file) and unified storage systems (block and file) that implement a tiered storage management scheme. All data is written to the cloud, while only the most active data remains on local storage. All data anywhere within the system, whether stored in the cloud or locally, can be accessed and viewed by authenticated end-users through a single, centralized access point.

CiS offers the versatility of a more integrated approach, merging on-premises storage with cloud storage, as opposed to being just a gateway for moving data to and from the cloud. Virtualizing the storage in this fashion allows seamless access to data with unrestricted growth capacity, while minimizing cost by paying for just the storage utilized.

CiS solves cloud storage problems by caching or auto-tiering active data to local RAID within the appliance and provides a storage administrator with configurable policies that determine when data is automatically moved or migrated to a cloud storage repository or to permanent media such as optical.

Cloud Integrated Storage (CiS) Advantages

  • Merges on-premises storage and storage virtualization with Cloud Storage
    • Merges the benefits of traditional archive storage with cloud
    • Security and confidence of knowing that data is stored both locally and in the cloud
    • Coordinated approach to data archiving with increased flexibility and control
    • Allows users the flexibility of controlling how and where data is archived
  • Thin Provisioning of Cloud Storage
    • Pay as you go for improved ROI
  • Comprehensive Disaster Recovery options
    • Thin Restore for fast data access restoration
    • Continuous DR backup technologies
  • Data Encryption
    • Encrypting data from unauthorized access and disclosure
  • Consolidates system management through one centralized application interface
  • Adds extensibility to existing archive storage systems (where applicable) enabling more thorough utilization of investment