Cloud-Integrated Storage (CiS)

ASTI's Cloud-Integrated Storage (CiS) Solution

Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. (ASTI) brings new dimension to long-term data archiving with innovative Cloud-Integrated Storage (CiS) solutions. CiS solutions combine the strengths of multiple technologies to provide a data archiving infrastructure that drives competitive and financial business advantages.

Businesses and enterprises can now realize an archiving system specific to the needs of the organization ASTI CiS is an all-in-one Network Attached Storage cisblockdia(NAS) solution integrated into a single footprint that provides users with affordable choices for archiving according to capacity, scalability, performance, features, and budget.

Blending compliant archive storage technologies with the reliability, availability, and utility of the Cloud, ASTI delivers the next generation of data archive storage solutions designed to manage valuable digital content. Access, manage, and view all data anywhere within the archiving ecosystem as part of regular IT operations with onboard-integrated data management.

The multi-faceted architecture is equipped with features that address the contemporary requirements of data storage infrastructures such as compliance with industry regulations, disaster recovery, high-availability and the benefits of the Cloud.

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Solution Overview 

ASTI CiS provides users with affordable choices for archiving data locally or in Cloud based archives. Authenticated users have seamless access to data stored anywhere within the archiving ecosystem, whether stored locally or in the Cloud, can be accessed and viewed by authorized users.

How does ASTI's CiS Work?

  • Optical Libraries - Select from a variety of field-proven and reliable scalable optical librariescloud image suitable for any sized business or organization ranging from Entry-Midrange to Enterprise libraries.

  • Storage Management System (SMS) - Add the Elite SMS, the high-performance up-front server system with RAID and interface to optical media and Cloud. Elite offers the power, performance, and high-availability of hardware components necessary for expedient migrations and recalls.

  • Archive Management Software (AMS) w/ Cloud Feature- As an integral part of the solution, the flexible software provides all the capabilities necessary for proficiently and effectively archiving, managing, and randomly accessing data. Establish policies that determine when, and to what source, the data files are to be archived, after which the files are migrated automatically to their directed source. For additional data security, implement the Encryption feature as well. The Replication option is available for high-availability requirements.

  • Amazon Web Services S3 - Clients will work directly with AWS to obtain Cloud services under the Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) service level agreement. ASTI CiS solutions integrate seamlessly with Amazon S3 services that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data. Amazon S3 features highly scalable, inexpensive pay-as-you-go pricing to handle growing storage needs. S3 provides a secure infrastructure with up to 99.99% durability, with 99.99% availability.