Archive Media

NETArchive Media

The NETArchive True Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) optical media is extremely robust and offers an archival life estimate of greater than 50 years, making it the premiere choice for professional data archiving.

The NETArchive high-capacity 1.5TB media cartridge contains 12 optical discs that act as one volume of mass storage enabling files to span multiple individual discs. The sealed cartridge eliminates the requirement for managing individual discs preventing accidental data or disk loss due to human intervention.

Individual optical discs feature a protective transparent hard coating that assures stable read/write performance, offers scratch protection, shields against electrostatic discharge, and significantly reduces interference and disturbance.nacartsplit

The heat-resistant polycarbonate cartridges feature a metal reinforcement bridge that provides mechanical strength and protects discs from internal and external load pressure, shock, and vibration. Each cartridge has a unique barcode for tracking purposes and is equipped with a built-in preformatted RFID chip utilized by the NETArchive system.

Download the NETArchive Media Datasheet.

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  • Compliant Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) preserves data unaltered for > 50 years
  • High-capacity, low-cost
  • Unquestioned record authenticity
  • Withstands chain of evidence scrutiny in court proceedings
  • Cartridge prevents human contact and secures media
  • Small profile lends itself to offsite storage
  • Improved media reliability with special protective hard coating
  • Does not require special environmental conditions while stored
  • Reinforced cartridge design protects disks
  • Preformatted with unique barcode & RFID chip utilized by NETArchive system
  • Drive provides real-time media monitoring
  • UDF multi-volume format