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Insurance companies and organizations offer a wide variety of programs and services to their clientele and operate in all facets of the commercial, residential and healthcare sectors. This industry is as highly regulated as the financial industry due to the fine lines between product offerings.

Some regulations that apply to financial institutions may be broadly defined and may include insurance organizations. One example of this is the Bank Secrecy Act dealing with anti-money laundering (AML) which applies to life insurers. Additionally, the GLBA imposes a security rule limiting disclosure and use of customer information that applies to financial institutions and most insurance agents and brokers.

Health insurers are directly affected by the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations that require health insurers and related business associates to develop and follow procedures that ensure the confidentiality and security of protected health information in all forms including oral information, electronic, and paper. HITECH adds another degree of requirements to HIPAA by requiring that health insurers and business associates implement electronic healthcare systems.

With the need to comply with all applicable industry regulations, data storage infrastructures and archiving systems must support the requisite safeguards required for insurance industry compliance. Systems must securely archive data unaltered for extended periods while offering a solid business continuity plan that meets industry demands.

Flexibility is foremost in order to provide the IT departments with the ability to rapidly respond to changing regulations, capture electronic communications and archive email, streamline data management, and monitor and enforce policies. Additionally, data and records should be easily and randomly accessible. The Insurance Regulations tab provides a brief overview of some of these insurance industry regulations.

ASTI data archiving solutions offer the highest level of data protection available for secure archival storage with true Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) optical technology at the core. 

Solution Benefits

Preserving Data Unaltered – ASTI solutions are based upon true Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) optical technology. Encrypted data is written to optical media after which it becomes unalterable remaining intact for periods greater than 50 years.

Encryption – With this optional feature, data at-rest is encrypted with unique keys for each object using FIPS 140-2 compliant AES-256 encryption algorithm. Encryption adds another layer of security to your data enabling compliance with specific regulations and ensuring that all data remains confidential.

Transmission Security and Integrity – ASTI NAS solutions integrate seamlessly with existing storage networks presenting as a standard TCP/IP resource with support for CIFS, NFS, and FTP protocols. The server security-administration ensures that it can recognize and approve validated clients.

Flexible Controls – The Archive Management Software offers the flexibility needed for regulatory compliance with powerful policy-based controls. Users can set policies for data migration, manage volumes, and release and migrate files and online/offline media.

Device and Media Controls – Accountability – Optical media can be offlined and removed from the library. The Archive Management Software tracks all nearline and offline media by barcode, human readable code, date ejected, pool and archive.

Disaster Recovery - Optical media provides an affordable disaster recovery option as automatically duplicated media can be removed from libraries and stored off-site. The Replication feature of the Archive Appliance offers the ultimate in disaster recovery protection with duplicate libraries located in different physical locations providing constant access to data – the key to business continuity and high-availability.

Email and Image Archiving – Partnering with industry-leaders, ASTI solutions integrate with third-party software applications that manage and sort email and images according to the internal policy guidelines established within that application. The images and email are then stored efficiently and securely on ASTI NAS optical libraries that fit directly into the existing storage network. Note that a Direct Attached library can be used however, it will require a third-party software application.