ASTI Data Archiving Solutions for Industry Needs

Businesses today face many unique challenges when it comes to electronic archiving systems. Some challenges apply to all organizations while others are unique to industries and situations. ASTI understands that these challenges call for cost-effective and easy-to-implement online data archive storage solutions. ASTI’s archival storage solutions meet these needs while reducing business risks, reducing costs, and simplifying complexity.

Archive and record retention requirements can vary widely by industry. Industry specific regulations further complicate how archives are built and sustained. ASTI archiving solutions can be adapted to any environment or data archiving strategy and are available for supporting Financial Services compliance solution mandates such as Sarbanes Oxley, Healthcare requirements revolving around medical data and image archiving, legal needs revolving around Exchange email archiving, or digital video storage needs associated with Multi-Media and the Security and Surveillance sectors. Learn more about Alliance solutions for your industry.

By Industry Need