Preserves Cold Data

Archives data unaltered for extended and/or varying periods

Stores data on premises and/or cloud

Unalterable >50+ year media lifespan

True WORM offers the highest level of data protection

Internal safeguards ensure accurate data archives

Simplifies and Improves Operations

Centralized management & control of all data within the archiving ecosystem

Manage data stored locally or in the cloud

Establish user defined policies for individual archives

Worry free data archiving – set it once and forget about it

Seamless integration with existing applications

Highest Level of Data Protection

Enables compliance with industry and government regulations

Protects against data loss and minimize business risks

Encryption option for added security

True Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) technology



Archive is the convergence of industry-leading technological developments 

that together establish the new paradigm in data archiving.

Specifically architected to address the pain points associated with storing critical data assets, this revolutionary new solution reduces business risks, secures data unaltered, enables regulatory compliance, and simplifies operations.

Designed to extend your investments in technology and data, this all-inclusive, high-capacity solution delivers up to 802.5 TB of archival storage within a single rack-mount footprint, with groundbreaking performance.





Decreases overhead costs

Preserves cold data at the lowest possible total cost of ownership

Media does not require periodic replacement or maintenance

Reduces need for costly migrations and technology refreshes

Media storage does not require special environmental conditions

Consistent Security & Protection

Includes support for multiple authentication services

Secure data archiving software acts as a gatekeeper for all data

Protects data stored locally and in the cloud

Access is restricted to only authorized users via configurable access controls

Groundbreaking Performance & Capacity

Up to 802.5 TB within a single rack mount footprint

Speeds & capacities those of rivaling tape (with greater reliability)

High-capacity 1.5TB media cartridge

Systems balance performance & capacity needs

Delivers enterprise level capability to all archiving environments whether small or large


NETArchive Features a Flexible & Modular Architecturescalepicture

  • Adaptable to any business or industry
  • Enables non-disruptive system growth & extensibility
  • Elastic system scalability - scale to meet demands
  • Expandable to the cloud
  • Investment protection
  • Designed for contemporary IT infrastructures



The NETArchive is a game-changer offering the perfect fusion 
of professional archiving features and progressive true WORM 
media technology.

The solution changes the way archiving is accomplished with 
increased performance, higher capacities, fibre channel 
communication to drives, and increased reliability over 
tape and disk.