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  • 11/16/16 - Alliance Storage Technologies and OPEX-IT Group Announce Partnership to Promote NETArchive Data Archiving Solutions in EMEA

    Data archiving leader Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. (ASTI) and OPEX-IT Group, have teamed to expand data archiving sales in EMEA. OPEX intends to sell and promote ASTI’s new purpose-built NETArchive data archiving solutions throughout the territory-serving customers in a variety of industries including financial, government, healthcare, and insurance.

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  • 6/30/16 - Data Archiving Leader Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. Releases Revolutionary New Data Archiving Storage Solution

    The NETArchive is a purpose-built data archiving solution that delivers 10 times the performance and 20 times the capacity over prior generations of archiving solutions. Through an innovative modular architecture, NETArchive offers multiple storage tiers to create a robust and secure solution that can be tailored to meet the needs

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  • 6/22/16 - Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc., a New Sony Optical Disc Archive Solutions Reseller, Plans to Revolutionize Data Archiving Technology

    Data archiving leader Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. is now an authorized Sony Optical Disc Archive Solutions Reseller. The collaboration with Sony positions ASTI to deliver revolutionary new data storage archiving solutions.

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  • 6/7/16 - Data Archiving Leader: Optical Technology Best Option for Data Archiving

    Optical technology is changing at a rapid pace with optical industry giants making groundbreaking advancements. Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. reaffirms the significance of these developments as they pertain to data archiving and their eventual transformation of the storage industry in general.

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  • 5/31/16 - New Program for Plasmon Data Archiving Library Customers Designed to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

    Customers can take advantage of ASTI’s new program to receive a complimentary evaluation designed to help customers with Plasmon direct attached and network attached data archiving libraries identify potential upgrades and expansions currently available for their systems. Upgrades can improve performance, increase capacity, reduce maintenance costs, and ultimately result in

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  • 11/19/15 - The Resurgence of Optical Technology

    Optical technology is beginning to enjoy a resurgence with many new improvements focused primarily on next generation BluRay™ technologies.

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  • 7/22/15 - Data Archiving Leader Revives Magneto Optical Options After End-Of-Life Announcement

    Limited supply of crucial Magneto Optical (MO) media leaves dependent customers at a loss. Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. revives stranded customer’s data archiving investments with the release of several affordable and easy-to-implement upgrade programs.

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  • 6/10/15 - Data archiving Leader Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc, Announces New Website Launch

    Data archiving industry leader Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. (ASTI), launches a new website designed to expand the customer experience with improved navigation and details on a variety of industry leading data archive solutions with proven long-term reliability and scalability. Highlighted are new product enhancements including Cloud-Integrated Storage, data security features,

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