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 Alliance’s Data Archive Solutions makes regulatory compliance, data security, infrastructure optimization, and cost reductions Simple.

Data Storage Solutions – How to Reduce Costs with a Data Archiving Tier

In this FREE Report you’ll learn the key steps for transitioning to a tiered storage environment plus you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify which data to archive;
  • Make the transition seamless for the end user;
  • Select the correct data archive for your business;
  • And so much more...

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HP Optical Jukebox Support Program

Are you an HP SureStore user who has critical data on an end-of-life optical library? 
When your service ends - what will you do?

Hewlett-Packard announced End-Of-Life for their Optical Jukeboxes and scheduled End-Of-Service for June, 2011.

Alliance Storage Technologies offers a variety of solutions to help meet your data storage needs during this critical time. Our libraries and media are compatible with a number of HP models, so data transitions and/or migrations are simple and painless.

What are your options?

Option 1: Easily Move Your Media To ASTI Plasmon Libraries 

  • ASTI G-Series libraries will support MO media with backwards read compatibility so you can keep your critical data on the media you trust for long-term reliability.
  • Take away the risk and pain of data migrations.
  • You can choose an ASTI Plasmon library with Magneto-Optical (MO) drives, making it simple to move your current media to new ASTI libraries without the costs and risks of data migration!

Option 2: Select Mixed Drives (MO and UDO) Within A Plasmon G-Series Library

  • Combine drives and transfer data easily within one library! Both ASTI and other optical libraries use MO and UDO media, making it simple to use current media within a new ASTI library without the pain and risks of migrating data to a new solution.

Option 3: Move To A Network-Attached UDO Archive Appliance

  • Alliance Storage Technologies’ Archive Appliance is specifically designed for the long-term storage of your valuable digital assets. Its unique architecture combines the performance and simplicity of network-attached RAID cache, with the longevity and authenticity of UDO to set a new standard for enterprise archival storage. Data is written to RAID disk for rapid access, and then migrated to secure UDO for long-term retention, making it possible to move your data across the network to your new ASTI network attached Archive Appliance.

ASTI technical sales staff are on hand to answer questions. Terms and conditions apply. Contact 719.593.7900, or fill out the form the the right for additional information.

Trade In

Trade-in Optical Libraries and Jukeboxes and save.

Alliance Storage Technologies makes it simple to trade-in your optical libraries and jukeboxes and save on the purchase of a new ASTI Plasmon library. ASTI currently manufactures parts and provides support on optical libraries world-wide. Find out how you can trade up to a new ASTI library and save! (Trade-in values vary. Contact ASTI for pricing and program details)





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A Few Words from Our Customers...

Our Data Survived Hurricane Katrina

“We had to determine what information was retrievable among the absolute chaos of the first week after Katrina…We were able to recover all of the patient images off the Plasmon libraries…We are now primarily using the Plasmon’s UDO Archive Appliance for its long-term recoverability.” 
--Kenneth Allen, Health Systems Specialist, Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care

HIPAA Compliance at a Reasonable Cost

“Ensuring that we could provide a PACS archive solution that helps customers meet HIPAA compliance at a reasonable cost was a critical requirement. This was guaranteed with the performance, longevity, and authenticity of the UDO Archive Appliance.”
– Lenny Reznik, Director Enterprise Imaging and Information, Agfa Healthcare

Retrieval Time Went from Days to Seconds

“Our major issue was time lost chasing documents. With the implementation of the archive solution, retrieval times went from DAYS to SECONDS.”

--Tony Libri, Sangamon County Circuit Clerk, Sangamon County Ciruit Clerk's Office