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Data Storage Solutions – How to Reduce Costs with a Data Archiving Tier

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Security and Risk Management

Alliance Storage Technologies remains unrivaled in its dedication and effectiveness in protecting you from costly and time-consuming security breaches, information leaks, hackers and ransomware attacks. We recognize the criticality of protecting your archived data as vigilantly as you do your primary information assets. Among its key differentiators are Alliance’s embedded encryption and replication technology. These features are especially important for highly regulated industries such as legal, government, financial services, healthcare and insurance sectors.


Encryption Features and Benefits:

  • Assures compliance with stringent industry regulations, HIPAA/HITECH, PCI requirements, and more
  • Secures data silently in the background automatically protecting sensitive data.
  • Prevents against accidental or intentional alteration of data
  • Protects data from unauthorized access due to theft or loss of physical media while in transit
  • Safeguards business reputation - the cost of a breach may include loss of customers, class action lawsuits, and damage to brands
  • Eliminates the need for third party software (Alliance developer-integrated solution)
  • Defends against corporate espionage or malicious attacks
  • Reduces the risk of regulatory penalties that could result from a potential breach
  • Increases confidence in the security of data stored off-site or in the Cloud

How does it work?encryptaa

  • The Alliance data encryption option is enabled through the Archive Management Software (AMS)
  • Meets U.S. and Canadian guidelines with FIPS 140-2 compliant, AES 256-bit encryption algorithms
  • Encryption applies to all data stored on optical media and Cloud-Integrated Storage
  • Fileshare partitions are specified for encryption through AMS policies prior to being migrated to optical media or the Cloud
  • Symmetric encryption keys for each file are generated and protected by symmetric encryption wrapping keys which are generated via FIPS 140-2 compliant random number generator
  • License key management is implemented in accordance with NIST Special Publication 800-57 Recommendations for Key Management such that all keys are stored remotely away from the data
  • Symmetric Encryption Keys for each data file are protected and stored in an encrypted format utilizing Symmetric Encryption Wrapping Keys for each Archive Volume

NAS Configuration Recommendations:

• Elite Storage Management System (SMS) recommended
• NAS library – select from Entry-Midrange to Enterprise
• Archive Management Software (AMS) with the Encryption option enabled, and/or Cloud and Replication

Business Continuity

As organizational data continues to grow by 50% year over year, so does backup windows. This can negatively impact a number of areas, including system performance. Alliance Storage Technologies enables you to move static or untouched data into a solution that offers not only fast backup, but fast recovery of data. Likewise, copies of business critical data can also be archived onto a lower cost storage tier. The result is the ability to shrink your backup window and improve performance, as well as assure disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (with a permanent copy of last resort).

Alliance's data archive solutions survive disasters:
 Download the Hurricane Katrina case study

Alliance’s Business Continuity Solutions

Disaster Recovery capabilities are integral to the design of Alliance's data archiving solutions. Several alternatives are available for maintaining business continuity and access to valuable archived data in the event of a disruption.


 Replication for High Availability

replicationThe Replication option enables data to be replicated automatically to one or more additional libraries in separate geographical locations creating total redundancy between libraries. Critical business operations are maintained by quickly switching libraries from active to passive as events dictate. Businesses and organizations can rely on the Replication option for fast RTO and RPO and continuous availability of valuable business data through the worst of disasters.

All data, or specific types of data, can be designated for replication through the creation of flexible archiving policies within the Archive Management Software application. The easy-to-use interface enables the creation of volumes for different types of data or classes of data such as mission critical, vital, top secret, etc., as required.

Click here to learn more about Replication




Archive is the convergence of industry-leading technological developments 

that together establish the new paradigm in data archiving.

Specifically architected to address the pain points associated with storing critical data assets, this revolutionary new solution reduces business risks, secures data unaltered, enables regulatory compliance, and simplifies operations.

Designed to extend your investments in technology and data, this all-inclusive, high-capacity solution delivers up to 802.5 TB of archival storage within a single rack-mount footprint, with groundbreaking performance.




A Few Words from Our Customers...

Our Data Survived Hurricane Katrina

“We had to determine what information was retrievable among the absolute chaos of the first week after Katrina…We were able to recover all of the patient images off the Plasmon libraries…We are now primarily using the Plasmon’s UDO Archive Appliance for its long-term recoverability.” 
--Kenneth Allen, Health Systems Specialist, Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care

HIPAA Compliance at a Reasonable Cost

“Ensuring that we could provide a PACS archive solution that helps customers meet HIPAA compliance at a reasonable cost was a critical requirement. This was guaranteed with the performance, longevity, and authenticity of the UDO Archive Appliance.”
– Lenny Reznik, Director Enterprise Imaging and Information, Agfa Healthcare

Retrieval Time Went from Days to Seconds

“Our major issue was time lost chasing documents. With the implementation of the archive solution, retrieval times went from DAYS to SECONDS.”

--Tony Libri, Sangamon County Circuit Clerk, Sangamon County Ciruit Clerk's Office